Software Prototyping

    Regarding the Software Prototyping , we divided into three dimensions , including directional, functional , as well as the potential.

    The advantage of  Software Prototyping :


     Business Process Automation

    – Software System are highly related to the  Business Performance. In order to develop a  user-friendly software and ensure the development process on the right track, we provide software prototyping service to let you understand the strength and weakness of the your desired software.



    Development Cost Minimization

    – To avoid the unexpected cost due to misunderstanding and the lack of communication, we provide software prototyping to guarantee the quality meet the standard and your need.

    Investment  Cost Control

     -Software prototyping ensure that the development cost is under a controllable environment, providing a chance for you to manage their budget.



    System Design

    -According to your need ,

         1) we provide related software and function to test the functionality and feasibility of your expected software.

          2) we provide multiple operation mode to analysis the marketing information and statistic.



    Software Interface

    -According to  your expectation , we provide a simple operation flow of your software interface and design.

    Software Management

    -According to your hope,

                                              1) we provide the IT advice, including the requirement, limitation and format of your software.

                                              2) we provide software to verify the distance between your desired software and the beta.





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